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One of our core principles is Results. While we can’t guarantee what a judge or mediator will do (and cannot, ethically, guarantee any specific results), we can guarantee that we will zealously represent you and resolve your case like we've done for so many people in our community!

Grandchild Guardianship


Obtained emergency guardianship of two minors for the grandparents. This removed the children from a household that involved a mentally ill mother and an abusive stepfather. The children are adjusting and thriving.

Joint Custody Order


Negotiated a joint custody order in a highly contested custody dispute using motions and discovery (written questions) that pointed out the other parent’s shortcomings.

Removal of Supervised Visitation


Negotiated removal of a father’s supervised visitation after counseling him on what steps to take to ensure the children’s safety and the mother’s peace of mind.

Wrongful Termination


Negotiated a settlement of an EEOC charge in favor of an employee who was fired for having a medical disability.

Estate Planning


Helped a newly married couple transfer their assets into a revocable living trust to ensure their legacy would live on and benefit their children and family members.

Small Business Advice


Helped a local professional set up a bookkeeping business. Assisted in legal entity formation and logo/image design to help his business stand out from the crowd.

Criminal Misdemeanor


Helped a client avoid 10 days in jail by making a mercy plea to the court on a Failure to Appear charge. The human factor can never be overlooked. You are more than your criminal record.



Obtained a temporary order to prohibit one parent from leaving the state with the parties’ infant daughter to give us time to work out a negotiated agreement for custody and visitation.

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